Without disassembling and inspecting the equipment, wear debris in a lubricant may provide insight into what is going on inside a device. It's also good idea to rule out overheating, vibration, and high device pressure before drawing an oil sample for wear debris analysis.

The goal of an oil analysis program is to ensure that a lubricated system is performing as it should. Your oil analysis results can help you come up with the right decisions to address the root cause of the problem or to prevent a malfunction from occurring.

It is important to provide a comprehensive and systematic vision of the project while implementing a structured lubrication program. This will increase reliability while lowering operating costs.

CRE Philippines now offers Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE) training. This training is the highest title in the field of machinery lubrication. This training also integrates the major subjects in Machinery Lubrication and Oil Analysis Training.