4-day Level 1 Ultrasound Certification Course

Condition-Based Maintenance
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Date: 2012-12-11 00:00 - 2012-12-12 00:00

Training that is focused on the attendee’s learning.
It does not matter who the manufacturer of your ultrasonic equipment is or if you have never seen an ultrasonic detector before, you will still attain  the  objectives  of  this  course  in   to  the  effort  and  focus  that you  put  into  the class. Our trainers are well versed in the operation of various ultrasonic equipment from different manufacturers and are also ultrasonic service providers.  The  students  will  learn  lessons  from  the  field  as  well  as  the principles and procedures of ultrasound. You can bring your ultrasonic detector to the class for the hands on portion of the training. If you don’t have one, ultrasonic detectors are available for your use. 

Who Should Attend: 

Anyone  involved  in  predictive  maintenance  or  asset  reliability  optimization  should  consider taking this course. This includes Millwrights, Electricians, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Planners, Energy Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, and Reliability Professionals. 

Some of the Testimonials We Received: 

“We learned a lot from the training. A concept that was complex was explained in simple terms, easy to understand, and with concrete examples.” – B. House, Michelin Canada

“The training is very beneficial. We have a lot of use for this in our facility.” – I. Spittle, Georgia Pacific 

“The instructor is 10 out of 10! Very knowledgeable and explains very well.” – J. Thibodeau, Agriu

4-Day Level 1 Ultrasonic Certification Course Curriculum 
  1. Sound Principles
  2. Theory and Principles of Ultrasound
  3. Types of Ultrasound and Principles of Applications
  4. Theory and Principles of Airborne and Structure-borne Ultrasound
  5. Ultrasonic Detectors
  6. Ultrasound in Leak Testing Environments
  7. Leak Testing Methods
  8. Airborne Ultrasound in Positive Pressure Systems
  9. Costing
  10. Ultrasound in Vacuum Systems
  11. Ultrasound in Zero Pressure Differential Systems
  12. Rotating Equipment Operating Principles
  13. Structure-borne Ultrasound Role in Predictive Maintenance
  14. Ultrasound in Mechanical Equipment Condition Monitoring
  15. Methodology of Ultrasonic Testing
  16. Optimizing Bearing Lubrication with Ultrasound
  17. Ultrasound in Internal Flow-No Flow Conditions Assessment
  18. Ultrasound in Electrical Discharge Inspections
  19. Limitations and Shortfalls of Airborne Ultrasound
  20. Predictive Maintenance Technologies and Practices: Ultrasound, Vibration, 
Infrared, Oil Analysis
  21. Review
  22. Written and Individual Practical Certification Exam
Hands  on  inspections  as  well  as  detector  operation  for  each  of  the  applications  are  integrated into the training so students will have a chance to do actual ultrasonic inspections and reinforce the lecture portion of the training. 
Trainer: Engr. Liane Harris, M.S. Engineering
Executive Director, Canadian Machinery Vibration Association, Ontario Chapter
Executive Director, Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, Ontario Chapter
Level 3 Vibration Analyst, Level 2 Ultrasound, Level 1 Infrared Thermographer
The  course  is  delivered  by  an  experienced  Level  2  Ultrasound  Analyst  with  over  20  years experience and who is passionate about teaching and sharing the experiences in the field to add  greater value to your learning experience.



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