MLE Machinery Lubrication Engineer

  • Go beyond the traditional lubricant and lubrication subjects and undertake a holistic approach toward developing, implementing and managing a world-class lubrication program with the Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE)® course.

    MLE puts emphasis on lubrication and asset management that is specifically aligned to the compliance elements of the new ICML 55 which is also aligned to ISO 55000 certification.

  • Learn and succeed anytime, anywhere!

    Here are some of the topics included in this training:

    • Management of lubricated machinery
    • Optimization of lubrication management, lubricant selection and lubrication maintenance
    • How to systematically analyze abnormal events where lubrication is the cause or a contributing cause
    • Manage a lubrication team, including lubrication technicians and lubricant analysts
    • Management of lubrication suppliers and service providers
    • Lubrication preventive maintenance and work orders
    • Writing specific lubrication procedures consistent with best practice for various tasks
    • Determine the optimum reference state for lubricant handling, storage, consumption and conservation, as well as new machinery specifications and commissioning
    • Environmental conservation practices, including best practices in waste oil and used filter disposal
    • Manpower planning, administration, staff training and certification
    • Lubrication information management system(s)
    • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), root cause failure analysis (RCFA) and troubleshooting
    • FMEA and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) planning initiatives
    • RCFA activities relating to failures of grease- or oil-lubricated machinery
    • Reporting and performance metrics
    • How to define overall lubrication program goals, budgets and plans
    • How to evaluate proposed lubrication capital expenditures using standard economic analysis methods
    • Annual lubrication audits and benchmarking services
    • Implementing overall lubrication effectiveness (OLE) metrics and other key performance indicators
    • How to reach diagnostic and prognostic conclusions and then implement any associated action plans, including but not limited to changes in machinery design, lubricant selection, lubricant application methods, lubrication maintenance plans and prescribed analytical methods
  • Inclusions

    • Certification Exam
  • Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE) ® is designed for an experienced professional with extensive training and experience in areas that include, but are not limited to, the strategic leadership, development, implementation and management of the lubrication program. Those interested in the MLE course are likely to be involved with troubleshooting tough problems identified by routine analysis and inspections. Job titles include:

    • Lubrication and reliability professionals pursuing management
    • Staff Engineers
    • Consultants or advisors
    • Plant Engineers
    • PdM Engineers
    • Process Engineers
    • Reliability or Maintenance Managers
    • Leaders responsible for technicians, analysts, inspectors, operators, millwrights and others performing a wide range of lubrication-related work
    • Q: Do I need a degree to get certified?
    • A: Candidates who would like to get certified must have at least 5 years’ education (post-secondary) or on-the-job training in one or more of the following fields: engineering, mechanical maintenance, maintenance trades, lubrication, oil analysis and/or condition monitoring (mechanical machinery).
    • Q: Do I need to have an engineering degree?
    • A: No engineering degree or ICML certifications are pre-requisites to candidacy for the MLE certification but trainings in Machinery Lubrication and Oil Analysis would help prepare a candidate for the exam.
    • Q: What is the passing grade?
    • A: The exam is a 150-multiple choice exam. The passing grade is 70%.

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