Do not let your equipment go unchecked. Achieve reliability with CRE.

With CRE, you get a program packed with the support you need helping you establish your oil analysis program so you could create decisions fast with confidence.

  • With CRE's commitment to support your lubrication program, we have expanded our offers that will help you achieve your monitoring activities:

    • Oil Extraction Kit
    • Sampling Ports
    • Sampling Port Installation
    • Filter Analysis
    • Equipment Audit
    • Consolidation Reporting
    • Training and Seminar
    Find out more about what we do in MachineCheck™.
  • CRE oil analysis services are packaged to suit the requirements of your equipment. When enrolling your equipment with us, our certified analysts evaluate your equipment and recommend the best test package and frequency.

    • EngineCheck™
    • TurbineCheck™
    • CompressorCheck™
    • HydraulicCheck™
    • CoolantCheck™
    • GearCheck™
    • PumpCheck™
    • HeatTransferCheck™
    • GreaseCheck™
    Find out more about CRE's MachineCheck™. You may also contact us for the customization of test parameter that best suits your requirement. Talk to us now!
  • We are proud to inform you that we are now merging with our affiliate company, CRE Philippines. With this merger, we shall now be serving certification trainings to further our support towards the success of our clients' lubrication programs. Here are our training offerings:

    • Industrial Lubrication Fundamentals
    • Machinery Lubrication I
    • Oil Analysis Report Workshop
    • Oil Analysis II
    • Food Processing Equipment Lubrication
    • Machinery Lubrication Level II
    • Effective Mobile Equipment Lubrication
    • Machinery Lubrication Engineer
    • Vibration Analysis I
    • Vibration Analysis II
    • IR Inspection I
    • Balancing and Alignment
    • IR Inspection II
    Find out more about our Training.
Choosing An Oil Analysis Laboratory
Choosing An Oil Analysis Laboratory
Starting Your Oil Analysis Program
Starting Your Oil Analysis Program





"Despite our established maintenance program, we still consult CRE to give us expert second opinion."

~Anonymous Client from Cement Industry



The road to reliability excellence.


Center for Reliability Excellence Laboratories Corp. was founded to address the need of the Philippine industry of a complete laboratory specializing in oil analysis. As a reliability-centered laboratory, CRE Lab offers diverse programs and solutions that help address your questions such as usability of oil, possible sources of oil contamination, and the condition of your equipment.

CRE Lab further extended its services to sampling port installation, training, sampling kits and accessories to address our customers' need of sustainability in their predictive machine maintenance program through oil analysis. Our personnel have years of experience in Tribology and underwent various training here and abroad to assure you of our expertise and commitment to excellence.

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