To get a good return on investment(ROI), you need to learn how to choose the right machine to include in your oil analysis program. Including all lubricated or hydraulic systems and components in the program is rarely cost-effective. Machine selection for an oil analysis program may be done in a variety of ways.

Vibration analysis is one of the most popular and frequently utilized cbm technologies in various organizations. It is used for detecting patterns in vibration signals and monitoring their levels.

Lubrication is essential, but it may be a difficult task. How often should you grease your machine? Is the atmosphere damp or dry, hot or cold, clean or filthy? How quickly does the machinery move? These and other issues must be answered before the proper lubrication program can be established.

CRE Philippines' Reliability Webcon 2022 and Reliability Quiz Bee started on a high note last March 10, 2022. Reliability Webcon 2022 is an event that aims to provide knowledge about machine reliability, asset management, and condition-based maintenance.

OEMs propose certain oil change intervals based on testing conducted during the development or certification of equipment or lubricant. If your analysis tool suggests that the oil should be changed at intervals other than those recommended by the OEM, there are a few questions to ask to figure out why.